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Howdy Dallas, Texas

12300 Inwood Rd Ste 200, Dallas, TX 75244

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Dallas' Howdy Story

We are the Original Howdy Homemade! 

Howdy Homemade was founded on a steel conviction that the restaurant industry is about people first, then food. This conviction has stood the test of time—over two decades—and guided Tom in opening 13 restaurants. Howdy Homemade was born out of a vision to see and realize the potential of everyone. In an industry inflicted by tremendous turnover, Howdy Homemade is committed to providing job opportunities for people who have been marginalized because of society’s misunderstanding of their abilities.

Today in North Texas alone, there are over 240,000 individuals with developmental disabilities looking for work! Every aspect of Howdy Homemade Ice Cream celebrates this community’s unique powers. We are here to change the way businesses hire, train, and develop their own heroes. Howdy Homemade is leading the way so that more heroes can become contributing members of their organizations.

Our Howdy Hero Team